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Past Masters 1

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*        Freemasonry as we know it today would not exist except for the wisdom and guidance of the Masters that have gone before us.

*    We recognize that our Past Masters are great men that have been dedicated to the service of their Lodges and the good of Man Kind through the diligent pursuit of brotherly love thru the divine guidance of God.

*    Our gratitude can not express what our Past Masters mean as they have been the cornerstone in the existence of Masonry.



J H McCrary Worshipful Master 1967-68 Carl Newman Master 1969 Wilburn Hudson Master 1970
Charles Franklin Master 1971 George Meadows Master 1972 Marion Andress Master 1973
Franklin Bairo Master 1974 L.A. Lawrence Master 1975 Ralph Brown Master 1976
William Kay Master 1977 Franklin Ashley Master 1978 Edward Huffpauir Master 1979
Paul Mosley Master 1980 Vicktor Brown Master 1981 Joseph Caylor Master 1982
Cecil Vaden Jr. Master 1983 Leslie Hodges Master 1984 James Bartlet Master 1985


Past Masters 2 


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